Yellow Liquid single released!

The Band

kuva yhtyeestä


Drummer and cornerstone of the rhythm section. The only member of the band, who may have solid food in the last two years. Animal from the Muppets and John have a deep respect for each other's playing. AKA "Death to cymbals”.


Singer, lead guitarist, melodic force and songwriter. Brings the bling to season the rock. The soul of the band.


Bass player, the other cornerstone of the rhythm section and a major reason for that unique Tølks Sound. Sometimes also picks up the sax. A paragon of style whether playing bass or on stage. Blash posits that any bass solo less than 130 dB is just “tuning up”.


Rhythm guitarist and second singer. Uses a beer belly implant. Leisure takes Mike in charitable reality, sacrificing to his gods.

The History

Larry and Mike met each other in a windy alley, in the suburbs of a small town, many years ago, when they saw each other holding guitars under their undeodorized armpits. "Do you play guitar?” Larry asked Mike. "Yes," Mike responded. "Shall we play together?" continued Larry. "Let's." So they rehearsed. And played. They stole everything - all the notes they found - and put the stolen notes in disarrays and in arrays. They enjoyed and laughed because they were on to something. They found that those disordered notes sounded good, like a Welshman vomiting while making love to a plate of haggis.

Larry and Mike wondered what to do. They had a bunch of solid rock songs that they knew could save the world. Gigs would be nice as well. If only they had a band. Money didn’t matter, they just wanted to tour and if necessary they would eat dogfood and drink rainwater. But all they had was guitars They needed more - a bass player and a drummer - for bass and drums (of course). “I prefer the drummer to play the drums and the bass player to play bass, and perhaps saxophone as well. In fact, Anglosaxophone”, as Larry put it, pleased with his own wit. Fortunately, Mike remembered an acquaintance who had a bass. He asked him if he knew anyone. Mike’s acquaintance knew a number of people, but fortunately he only gave Mike the contact information for a bass player and a drummer. Mike soon hid himself in the coffee vending machine at his workplace, pulled out the papers with the phone numbers and made the calls. "Come to visit us this evening" - the words were whispered as they ricocheted into the dark winter’s space. Mike and Larry took their demos, or as Mike used to call them "demonidos" and headed to meet Blash and John. The famous four horseless men had met each other. Larry and Mike played their songs for Blash and John. Then, as night fell on a perfectly ordinary day, Blash and John both said to Larry and Mike: "yes, we are in." Excited, Larry and Mike returned to their homes with their guitars, being sure that The Album would now be realised. They fell into a deep sleep, happily knowing the world would be rescued from the big bogeyman, the abomination of commercial playlists threatening everyone who dared to switch the radio on.

The band needed a name. It was considered. It was invented. Heaven was suddenly painted with a word that every player had tried to meet. The Tølks - that is it! What it meant, who knew, it did not matter for this was a higher level of guidance. On the same night, gold and myrrh were brought to their rehearsal room, by whom, it is not known.

Finally, it was time for their offspring to be issued upon tape. They bumped through the snow blanketed Surrey suburban wonderland with their instruments and after a long journey finally arrived at the studio. During that dark night, John regretted his choice of instrument - a recorder would have been much lighter to carry. They played. And they played. And they played. And then they started the whole thing again. They also played gigs. From all the places in the world in Finland and in the rest of Europe. People were amazed at how good the band was and how good the disordered notes sounded. Excited people asked, "Can we buy the album?" "Do not be afraid! There will be a time when our album "Malefunction" descends to the surface of the Earth”, the Band answered. That day is now!