Malefunction - 2018

About the songs on the album

When these men stepped in for the first time and told me they wanted to make a record, I was not certain I could agree. I just did not think it was going to succeed. Now, after holding a mastered version of the disc in my hands, I can readily admit my mistake -- and do it with pleasure! I just cannot praise this album enough. The disc is full of hit songs rich with the vibrations of rock and concealing metal-plated pieces behind stories. Side one of the album is irresistibly rocking the rock while side two is devoted to issues bigger than life, carrying the concerns of the worlds on its shoulders, but with an intimacy that both touches and shocks.

The first track is the sturdy Middle of Something, a hymn to the lost. In Yellow Liquid, the perspective has changed as we peer through the eyes of an arrogant bastard. Next, the uncompromising Shut up (your fired) - the punchline of the one percent – blasts the arrogant bastard from his complacency. Empty Streets is a place after the rain when the summer heat is blurred and one is utterly alone. The stadium-massive Empty Streets is followed by the vibrant classic rocker of Miserable Wanker, which jauntily contains the lyrical autopsy of a broken relationship.

Why? The main character asks, in the song launching side two with a monster riff. This question of creeping self-disgust is followed by Jack the Reaper, a straightforward coup de grace. In Legacy of Man the band mines the 1960's for inspiration. Selfish Means comes as a startling juxtaposition – no piece of music could be more current and contemporary, hinting as it does at environmental Armageddon – let’s not shut off that last light…

Concrete Butterfly concludes the set. Built in layers, the song gradually builds and crescendos, as the lyrics tell of a murky story of mistreatment and cruelty.

Even though some might argue that I am ruining the listening experience with this song-by-song analysis, I simply cannot help myself. I have to insist: rock must be restored - to its roll!

So here is my final word. Crank those fucking speakers up and listen!

Dick Ollenberg

Copenhagen, June 2018

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